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What is Zaska game?

A game with your friends

No less than 3 and no more than 10.
Try to reach the first position!

How do you play?

You send your friends zaskas (questions) and they send zaskas to you.
You can lose or win points with each Zaska!

What are Zaskas about?

You can choose among a lot of themes and create your own ones.
You can create your own questions to increase fun!

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You can downolad the beta app for Android.

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For iOS users you need to join the testers group and follow some steps.

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Present version

Zaska Game, V 0.3 Beta


Enrique Bernal

Gabriel Boin

How to play


  • Points: One Zaska plays 10 points:
    • If your victim gives a wrong answer, you win +10 and your victim loses -5 points.
    • If your victim gives a right answer, you lose -5 and your victim earns +10 points.

  • Time to answer: A Zaska has only a few seconds to answer, if you open it and you don't answer on time, you lose.
    • If you think you're a wise guy and you close Zaska game before the time ends, you'll lose it anyway.

  • Zaskas Lifetime: A Zaska has a limited hours to answer. If you don't answer before they die, you lose it.


  • Hacks are special Zaskas
      • You play 10% of your present points and you can win 10% of your victim's points.
        10% of your victim's points 10% of your points
    • If you win, you grab 10% of your victim's points for you.
    • If you lose, you give 10% of your points to your victim.

Questions can be repeated, so keep in mind the right answer.

Obviously, the winner is who score more points at the end of the game.